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Aponeurotic Scleroskeleton

Cover of my 2012 RPM Challenge album.

Leap Day

Well, it’s February 29th. We all got an extra day for our RPM Challenge. (Or for February if you’re not participating in the RPM Challenge). It didn’t feel like four weeks plus one day, though. It was a busy month, punctuated by me getting sick and spending some time in the hospital. I’m feeling much […]

It’s February 1st

And that means the RPM Challenge has begun! The RPM Challenge is an annual challenge to musicians to write, record, mix, and master an album in the month of February. It sounds crazy, but The Ramones made one of the greatest rock albums of all time in half that time. 2012 will be my fifth […]

RPM 2011 Entry Mailed

I dropped the padded envelope containing Music In 0xC Parts off at the post office this morning. I’ve been done for a week (not to brag) but needed to burn a few copies to CD for the RPM submission and a few friends. And to listen to in the car. These will likely be the […]

RPM 2011 Cover

February is wrapping up and I’m finishing my RPM Challenge. It’s a hour-long piece using my hex scale, modeling my idea of the Rhythmicon as described by Nicolas Slonimsky in Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey, and switching between different variations. I had planned on mixing in other elements (Theremin, noise toys and other electronic noise generators) […]