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Fire Update

Last night, the Station Fire double (at least) in size to over 85,000 acres. From what I understand, firefighters are struggling in part because the high-heat, low-humidity, low-wind conditions are unusual for fire season. The fire is spreading as if it is being whipped up by the Santa Ana winds, but there aren’t any. And […]


Southern California is prone to a number of natural disasters, and right now it is fire season. There are four wildfires burning in the Los Angeles area right now, the largest of which (dubbed the “Station Fire”) has burned over 42,000 acres, and they only have it 5% contained. RIght now, they’re focusing on keeping […]

Wild Fires

The Korg DS-10 is quickly becoming my new favorite toy. There are layers upon layers to it that I am still discovering. One of the advantages of poor documentation, I suppose. The developer has put some video tutorials on line. A couple new ones show up each week. I still need to view the lesson […]