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Stereo Is Overrated

Today, 2009-09-09 is Beatles day (get it? Number NIne… Number Nine… Number Nine…). Which means new versions of their albums have been released. Most of the attention has been placed on the new version of Rock Band that uses Beatles songs – and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is what ended up making the […]

There’s Something Wrong In My Mind

I don’t think I’ve complained about 3D (that is, stereoscopic imagery) much on this blog, but if I have, you may safely ignore it. 3D is all the rage in Hollywood right now, with enough theatrical 3D releases this year to provide real competition for 3D screens (Neil Gaiman warned via Twitter that Coraline would […]

JoCo’s Funny Story

I never noticed that Code Monkey was mono. But then, so is most of my stuff. Some pieces (Happenstance and Birdstance, mostly) are designed to have some channel separation here and there, but most are not. Mono is underrated. Which is not to say that stereo is overrated. But if the music is good enough, […]