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Tune In Tokyo

Andromeda Space Rockers is a line of electronic noisemakers designed by Eric Archer, Bleep Labs, and Wooster Audio. I have built a couple Andromeda Space Rockers kits – the Nebulophone and Space Baby. Eric Archer has a Andromeda Space Rockers kit called Tune In Tokyo, which simulates the sound of a shortwave radio tuning. I […]


Dr Bleep has a new kit called the PicoPaso. It’s inspired by (though not the same circuit as) the Atari Punk Console. There are only a handful of components – a chip, three capacitors, a handful of resistors, two two photocells, a couple potentiometers, two buttons, and a 1/4″ jack. The 1/4″ jack doubles as […]

Atari Punk Console

There are quite a few DIY music plans and kits available on the internet. I’ve talked about some – I have the Loud Objects Noise Toy and the Thingamagoop. It’s exciting that a minimum of electronic components can be assembled into a functional noise-making device. But while the Loud Objects Noise Toy shows that all […]

RPM Challenge 2010 Update

It’s February, which means RPM Challenge. When I wrote about this year’s RPM Challenge previously, I had mentioned plans that all changed when I sat down to create the tracks. Last year, I wrote a synthesizer to generate notes, and developed a 16-tone scale. The score of the piece was intended to develop interesting combinations […]

The Koan Of Fail

When I set up to record the Thingamagoop 2 sample, there was a small problem. It has a phono jack on top for plugging in headphones, or for connecting to an amp, mixer or digital recorder. When you plug a 1/4″ plug into it, the speaker is disconnected, which is handy when you don’t want […]