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Tristan Perich is a musician who has been doing some very interesting things with microcontroller-based music. He is a member of the Loud Objects, makers of the Loud Objects Noise Toy (itself microcontroller-based). Several years ago, Perich released 1-Bit Music, a microcontroller hot glued to the inside of a CD jewel case, along with a […]

The Loud Objects Noise Toy

The Loud Objects are a collective of electronic noise musicians, including Tristan Perich, whose 1 Bit Music I have written about previously. It is difficult to call them a band, as they don’t really have albums, but they do performances using electronic noisemakers of their own design. They collaborated with Bleep Labs on the Bit […]

Moldover’s Album

There have been some good creative packaging on CDs this year. My favorite may be the functional CD tray of Moldover’s Album. The Awesome Edition comes with a circuit board in lieu of the standard jewel case tray. The artwork and track listing are traces on the board, which is cool, but the great thing […]