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Relative Humidity

Fine custom Ukulele luthiers, particularly those in Hawaii, like to brag about their humidity controlled workshops. Wood is designed to carry water from the ground and air to all parts of the tree. Cutting down the tree does not change that behavior. Meaning that water does horrible things to wood. This week in Los Angeles […]

Ukulele Number 2: The Quickening

Oh, the agony of the un-coordinated perfectionist. This past week, the Stewart-MacDonald ukulele kit arrived, along with the replacement tuners for Ukulele Number 1. The tuners went in easily enough, and they seem to do the trick – the uke keeps its tune much better now, even with brand new strings. The Stew-Mac kit is […]


Given my focus on non-realtime music, it is odd that my most recent obsession is with ukuleles. Neither grade school piano lessons nor a University rock guitar god fantasy turned me into much of a musical performer. I can play a piano, of course – it is a very simple instrument – but just because […]

JoCo & Co.

A year ago today, Jonathan Coulton came to play at the House Of Blues on the Sunset Strip. It was the most enjoyable experience seeing a show at the House Of Blues, and I would have gladly returned for tonight’s edition of JoCo & Co. However, it was not necessary, as they played at the […]

This Is Why The Internet Is Great

A college kid named Molly (aka sweetafton23) buys a ukulele with flowers on it and posts videos to YouTube of her playing various songs on it. On April 8, she posts a video of her playing “Still Alive”, Jonathan Coulton’s song for the end credits of Portal. A blog named Infinite Lives realizes that Molly […]