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The Revolution Will Be Analogue?

Wesley Stace (aka John Wesley Harding) spoke at The Economist’s The World In 2012 Festival about the future of music formats. Wes has some experience with the recent trend of deluxe editions, so it’s not surprising that he sees tangible copies of albums as being a selling or marketing tool. The Revolution Will Be Analogue […]

Monome – Video

Here’s the completed Monome in action. It’s a ChucK script that uses the Monome buttons for Conway’s Game Of Life – along with sounds generated by the cells on the buttons.

Digital Copy Me, part 3

Quality is another issue with downloadable media – though more so with video than audio. But acceptance of quality issues in audio has paved the way to a worse situation with video. A few years ago, 128 kbps was the standard bitrate for stereo MP3 files. In a critical listening environment, 128 kbps is clearly […]