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Why, Why, Why???

The Arcade Fire chose a digital distribution model for their new album, The Suburbs. Digital-only is $7.99. CD plus download is $12.99. The deluxe edition is a double 12″ vinyl plus download for $24.99. Downloads are available in 320 kbps MP3, FLAC, or Apple Lossless. There is also an AAC version that has synchronized visuals. […]

The Fireman Has Landed

Today I got an odd-looking piece of mail: a large blue plastic bag closed by a zip tie and sporting a Swedish customs tag. Big and heavy, I wasn’t sure what was in it, mostly because it was something I ordered six months ago and was a month late – the super special super duper […]

Sir Paul, Fireman

Paul McCartney proves why he was the best Beatle. Only partially joking, though he was always my favorite. *** This is starting to sound familiar – and it’s a good thing. Paul McCartney, in his Fireman guise (with collaborator Youth), has a new album, Electric Arguments. And he seems to have gotten over whatever it […]