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Does Not

Do your ears a favor and go check out the new Brad Sucks album, “Out Of It“. Brad’s pulled everything together into a perfect storm of indie digi distribution. Creative Commons licensing. Preview the entire album for free. Pay-what-you-want pricing (for both digital download and physical CD). MP3 download while you wait for the delivery […]

Another Day, Another Web 2.0 Site

The biggest complaint about Twitter seems to be that it just doesn’t work. The site frequently complains about being too busy, and they have turned off features to keep the site from being overloaded. This could be an opportunity for someone with a Twitter-like service that actually works. One contenders is identi.ca. It seems a […]

Is MySpace Dead?

I keep getting e-mails informing me that MySpace is dead for musicians. Arguably, the killer app of the (rather nebulous) Web 2.0 concept has been social networking sites. These sites are quite popular amongst the youth, and the market share shifts frequently. When was the last time you logged into Friendster? MySpace offers accounts for […]