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Magic is an interesting art form in that it is primarily based on live performance. There is a thriving magic publishing industry, but it is not targeted at the general public. Instead, it is focused on selling books and DVDs to other magicians. Magic media for the layperson is mostly confined to the occasional variety […]

YouTube Remixed

Go read this. Then enjoy the videos here. I can’t think of anything more eloquent to say anthing about this than Mr. Mann already did. All I can do is sit in awe of the creativity, skill, and effort that went into this, and wonder if I’ve been wasting my life.

This Is Why The Internet Is Great

A college kid named Molly (aka sweetafton23) buys a ukulele with flowers on it and posts videos to YouTube of her playing various songs on it. On April 8, she posts a video of her playing “Still Alive”, Jonathan Coulton’s song for the end credits of Portal. A blog named Infinite Lives realizes that Molly […]


Metallica’s new album comes out next week. Of course, if you really want to listen to it before then, it’s available from all the usual sources. Apparently, Lars is okay with the early leaks. Perhaps they have figured out that this isn’t going to hurt sales that much and they’re still going to make a […]